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60 Seconds Atomic Adventure is a video game of survival where we will live the adventure grim and terrible a devastating nuclear . As its name says, we will have only 60 seconds to reach our nuclear shelter , in that period of time you will have to take all your family and the necessary supplies to survive this terrible situation.

But the worst is to begin … once in the shelter you will have to make serious decisions to ensure the survival of your family , each character will have their own story and every decision made will change the destination for good or bad. What do you expect to know how good you are at 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure.

60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Mod APK

60 Seconds Atomic Adventure has been created and updated by Robot Gentleman studios on the date of July 3, 2022, is currently in version 1.3.121 compatible with Android 4.1 and above.

60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Mod APK Information

Name60 Seconds Atomic Adventure
Size90.65 MB
App TypeAdventure
DeveloperRobot Gentleman
Suitable forOver 13 years old
Date updatedJuly 3, 2022
Requires Android 4.1 and higher

How to Install

Install apk and ready to play !!!

60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Mod APK Download

60 Seconds Mod Apk latest version is available here. You can download 60 Seconds Mod Apk 2022 from TechCrachi. To download click on below download link.

60 Seconds Atomic Adventure MOD APK v1.3.121


60 Seconds Atomic Adventure APK OBB v1.3.121


Normal 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure APK

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure
60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure
Developer: Unknown
Price: $3.99

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Ted, an integral citizen and the head of the family, finds a small problem that interrupts his idyllic life in the suburbs. The nuclear apocalypse .

With only about 60 seconds before the atomic bomb explodes, he directs Ted in his crazy script to the house to look for useful and familiar elements. Everything will be against you: time, your own furniture, the plan of the house that will change in each game.

Arriving at the atomic shelter on time is just the beginning. All the objects and people that you have managed to save from the explosion will decide your destiny. Each story will be different, each day will surprise you with unexpected situations.

All these stories will end well? This depends only on you. Ration food and water, use the equipment as best you can, face difficult choices and plan expeditions to the radioactive desert.


  • Experiment: an absolute nightmare of an atomic bomb falling on your neighborhood in this black comedy that is in the United States of the fifties.
  • Collect: useful items and family members during a 60-second crazy race through a randomly generated house .
  • Prepare: for the worst. Do not grab any object, plan your future with caution and follow the useful tips of emergency transmissions.
  • Survive: in the atomic shelter with the equipment collected. How many days will you survive? will all live out of this adventure?
  • Decide: What to do in post apocalyptic reality. Will you run the risk of emerging? Who will eat lunch when only a portion of food remains? How will you fight against a plague of mutant cockroaches?

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