Are you looking for delete houseparty account ? Don’t worry. Now, you are in a exact place. Here we will share the ways to delete houseparty account on android, chrome, mac, iphone, PC.  It’s very easy to delete your Houseparty account.

What is Houseparty App?

Houseparty is a social networking app. It allows upto eight members to connect video chat at once in a “room.” With this app, you can connect face-to-face video chat with the people you care about most.

how to delete house party account
how to deactivate houseparty account

If you have a houseparty app, when your friends open the app, automatically you receive a notification and if you want, you can join chats with your friends.

How to Delete Houseparty Account

Deletion of your House Party account is really very easy. Here is the way to delete house party account:

1. How to Delete Houseparty Account on iOS

If you are an iPhone users, it is very simple to delete your houseparty account on iphone.

  • Open Houseparty on your iPhone. The Houseparty app will open up to the camera screen. Click on the smiley face icon on the top left corner of the screen, which one is the house party app icon.
  • Tap the gear icon and click on “Settings” menu.
  • Scroll down until see privacy, tab on “Privacy
  • Click on “Delete Account” button.
how do you delete houseparty account
how to delete hoseparty account on mac, iphone
  • Now you can see a pop-up message as “Are you sure you want to delete your account?” to confirm your decision.
  • Click on “Yes” to delete your account.
  • Now you can see another pop-up message. It asks you to enter your password. Enter your Houseparty account password and tap on “OK“.
  • Then a pop-up message will appear. Click on “Delete

This process will permanently delete your Houseparty account on mac permanently.

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2. How to Delete Houseparty Account on Android or Computer

If you are an android uses or desktop computer, it’s a little hard to delete your account on computer or Android smartphones.

how to delete houseparty account
how to delete houseparty account on laptop

If you want to delete houseparty account on android, you will have to send a request email to the Houseparty support team in order to they delete your account.

  • Send a mail to “[email protected]” and type “Request to Delete Account” in the subject field.
  • Then send a request to immediately delete your account, this will help to send your request quickly straight to the Houseparty support team. In the Body of the email must contains,
                    1. Your full name
                    2. Houseparty username.
                    3. Email address.
                    4. Phone number.

When Houseparty support receive your email, the company will confirm that the account has been deleted completely.

Click here to know more about Houseparty.

Once you are deleted your houseparty account, you can’t recover the information and details on houseparty app. I hope that this article is useful to deactivate houseparty account on iphone, android and laptop.


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