Are you looking for delete your Instacart account? Here is the best article to know how to delete Instacart account or unsubscribe or cancel. If you want to erase your purchase information and history, the only way is delete your instacart account permanently which is the one and only best option.

What is Instacart ?

Delete Instacart Account Permanently

Instacart is an American company that was founded in 2012 by Apoorva Mehta. It operates a grocery delivery and pick-up service in United States and Canada. The company offers its services via a website and mobile app. The service allows customers to order groceries from participating retailers with the shopping being done by a personal shopper. We can say that it is similar to Uber in the grocery delivery business.

Instacart Features

  • It is one of the top most online grocery delivery app operating United States and Canada.
  • It connects customers to the individual shoppers who get them groceries from the supermarkets at their doorstep.
  • Instacart has a fast and flexible delivery option. It helps to increase speed and delivery from groceries to customers.
  • It has automatic cancellation process of out of stock orders.
  • Instacart Express is a membership option for customers who want to use Instacart regularly. It gives free delevery on orders over $35 and reduce service fees to Instacart Express members and no pickup or service fee to pick up orders.

Can I Delete Instacart Account ?

Do you want to cancel instacart account? If you have question in your mind “can i delete my instacart account permanently?”, Don’t worry. Yes, you can. Techcrachi teaches you a step by step tutorial to delete instacart shopper account or customer account. We explain three ways to delete Instacart account.

How to Delete Instacart Account Permanently

If you have free instacart account, it is not possible to delete your account details online. But here there are three option to delete your instacart account. We also explain about how to cancel instacart express subscription.

1. Call Instacart to Delete Instacart Account

Delete Instacart Account Permanently

  1. Open Instacart on your android iPhone or iPad.
  2. Request to Instacart delete your free account by call them.
  3. Dial 1-888-246-7822 and request them to cancel your account.

2. Delete Instacart Account By Email

  1. You can delete your Instacart account by sending request email to Instacart.
  2. Open your email account which one is registered in Instacart app or website.
  3. Enter the following email address [email protected]
  4. Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in subject section of email.
  5. Write a requesting message to them to delete your account.
  6. Click on “Send”. how to delete instacart account.

When they get your email, delete your account from their database and all of your information. how to delete instacart account.

3. Cancel Instacart Account By Website

  1. Click on the link and enter into website
  2. Sign in into your account. It redirected to the contact section.
  3. In the contact section click on “My Account”
  4. Then click on the link “Account Information”
  5. Click on “I STILL NEED HELP”
  6. Then click on “Email with us” option.
  7. Then, in the text field write a message to delete your instacart account.
  8. Click on “Submit”. how to delete instacart account.

When you click on submit your deletion requesting message will reach them. To know when your account will be deleted, regularly you’ll check your email which one is linked with Instacart. This process may takes about 3 days.

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Cancel your Instacart Express Membership

Instacart Express is a membership option for customers who want to use Instacart regularly. You can cancel Instacart Express membership also. Here is the way,

How to Delete Instacart Account Permanently

  1. Log in into your Instacart account.
  2. Click on “Your Account Settings”.
  3. Find the “Express section”.
  4. Click on “Cancel”. how to delete instacart account.

If you cancel your subscription within 15 days of signing up and you haven’t placed any orders, you will get a full refund. heo to delete instacart shopper account.

Otherwise, you will continue to use the Instacart Express services until the end of your billing period. But you won’t have a refund. can you delete instacart account.

You can also cancel your subscription through the phone, call: 1-888-246-7822.

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