Who Want Delete Kik account, the following is a step-by-step instructions given for the Delete of own Kik accounts. We are teach about how to delete kik account on phone, how to delete kik account permanently android, how to delete kik account on samsung. They reveal to us how the Messenger is after the download of Kik Messenger and try quickly and easily to go again. learn more here!

The instant messaging applications have become the main way to communicate across the network for many people. Text chat, along with all the tools that can accompany it, is a quick and effective way to talk with others and, in many cases, it is also completely free. What gives a weight role for those who use their phones and computers to communicate with the world.

How to Delete Kik Account Permanently
How to Delete Kik Account Permanently 2022

There are many alternatives within this field, with WhatsApp as the great king over the rest of the proposals; but there are also applications such as KIK , known for offering a greater degree of privacy to its users by completely protecting both their profiles and their conversations, as well as not cutting themselves when completing their functions with the sending of files and a long etcetera .

Despite this, it is something that has never been removed from the controversy. Many have pointed out the risks involved in using KIK , because the high degree of protection and encryption that it has makes it one of the most used applications for criminal purposes. This fear of the danger to which it is linked, as well as the lack of lightness or the simple fact that there are few people using it is the main reason why many users try to know how to delete and deactivate a KIK Messenger account .

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How to Delete Kik Account

Kik is a free messaging application with now more than 200 million users. The WhatsApp alternative has especially the younger generation as a targeted target group.

The great advantage: unlike WhatsApp, only one user is required for the contact. A phone number should not be specified, which simplifies the contact. On the other hand, this also has its drawbacks, because a contact to people without their express consent is possible. Advocates of privacy warn in this context of pedophiles that they can get in touch with teenagers.

How to Delete a Kik Account

Deleting kik accounts or temporarily deactivate kik is quite easy. In this guide we will explain step by step what you must do to request that your user profile be deleted in this messaging system. It is not excessively complex , but it does require that you follow a slightly longer pattern than usual to be able to do it fluently. As you will see below, in a few minutes you can get rid of both the profile and the app if you wish.

To cancel the KIK Messenger account permanently , you have to follow the steps that we will indicate below. It is a fairly quick and easy process to carry out.

To Delete you have to combine both the app and the browser on your smartphone. These are the steps to follow both if you want to temporarily deactivate your account and if you want to Delete kik account permanently:

1. Open the KIK Messenger app on your phone. If you do not have it, download it from Google Play if you use Android or the App Store if you use iPhone.

2. Once inside, log in if you have not already done so. Press the ” Login ” button and then enter the email or nick of your account, along with the password.

3. Once you are inside, press the gear icon in the corner.

4. Access the “Your accountsection and, within it, copy the username and mail xcode fields.

Now open the web browser and enter the following URL:

how to delete kik account completely

To temporarily disable your accounthttps://ws.kik.com/deactivate

To permanently delete your profile: https://ws.kik.com/delete

how to delete your kik account /deactivated

5. Fill out the form by entering the user code in ” Username ” and the email in ” Email “. Mark the reasons why you want to unsubscribe and click on ” Go! ” to end

how long does it take to delete kik account

6. Go to the email inbox entered in the form and open the message received from Kik.

7. Inside it, press the “Permanently Delete” or “Deactivatebutton as you have chosen to leave forever or temporarily. In this way, the account will be deleted completely.

In the case of wanting to return, you can reuse both the username and the email of this previous profile. Kik Messenger does not put obstacles when recovering users after closing profiles.

Note : If you permanently deleted your account, your information is erased from Kik’s servers. you can’t get your data back. If you have only temporarily deactivate it, you can get your data back by sign in back into the app.

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