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Save your most common passwords in Chrome is a comfortable custom, especially if you do it on the PC at home. So you do not have to remember them and enter them every time you go to your favorite websites, but be careful! It is better that you do not do it in a public computer to which more people accede.

If for whatever reason you want to delete the passwords saved in Chrome , you can clean all of them at once or delete them one at a time. We explain how to do it in just a few seconds, a trick that will significantly improve your privacy when browsing the Internet.

It is already common to have different devices interconnected at home, it is normal for a person to have both mobile, tablet and laptop in addition to other devices. These devices usually share an internet connection because we use the one that we have installed Wifi network. The use of these terminals is usually constant, our phone for example, we use it every minute to consult something and access different contents. It is therefore common that we tend to accept that box that asks us if we want to save the password when we access our data to any page.

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Delete Saved Passwords on Chrome

Many times we save passwords, update them and then give us an error because it does not synchronize them well or we just want to stop remembering them for security reasons . It is advisable to review the saved passwords and Delete those that do not interest us. In this tutorial we teach you how to erase Google Chrome passwords in three different ways.

1. How to Delete Saved Passwords on Google Account

Google manages all the applications or web pages that you have associated with an account and even connects the different accounts that you have with it. This is very useful because it is very hard to be constantly remembering passwords to access applications and websites as usual. Google keeps all those passwords that you want, but it is convenient that you check them and change them every certain time for security. From the own Google passwords page you can manage them.

1. Go to the Google passwords page and enter the details of your Google account to configure it.

how to delete pre saved passwords on chrome
how do i delete saved passwords chrome

2. As you can see the different web pages where you have stored the passwords, select the “trash” next to each one to Delete it. It is possible that when entering your data from Google it indicates that you have a password phrase of synchronization with which you have protected the login with saved passwords. This security is managed through Smart Lock so you can not manage it from this page if you have it protected as well.

remove saved passwords chrome pc
how to delete saved emails and passwords on google chrome

2. How to Clear Saved Passwords on Chrome

It is usual for convenience to use remember password in your predefined browser to avoid having to enter your username and password every time you want to browse. This is a useful and safe practice if you do it from private devices in secure networks but we do not recommend doing it in public networks or terminals that are not yours because your data is stored there. delete saved passwords on chrome.

1. Open your Google Chrome browser, click on the upper right icon of the drop-down menu and click on “Settings” to see the functions of the browser.

2. As you will see new options have been displayed so look for the section “Passwords

how to delete specific saved passwords in chrome
how to delete saved passwords from chrome

3. In the window that now appears you can see both the passwords of the websites where you have saved the passwords and those that do not. If you display the side menu of the three rallies, you will see the option to remove that password.

how to delete the saved passwords in chrome
how to delete all saved passwords from chrome

3. How to Delete Saved Passwords on Chrome Android

Our mobile phones or tablets are also used to save our passwords when we navigate to save time. It is somewhat uncomfortable to put our data on our phone when we are away from home, we waste time and we risk having someone see it. Remember that it is advisable to enter only your password in places with secure networks to avoid security problems.

1. To manage your accounts on your Android device, the first thing you have to do is open your Google Chrome application and access the top left menu on the right-hand side and then scroll down to access “Settings

2. Once you are inside the configuration of your browser, go to the “Passwords” function to be able to manage them.

how to delete saved passwords and usernames chrome
how to delete saved passwords google chrome

3. In the next window we see that we can mark or uncheck the option to save Passwords.

how to clear saved password for chrome
how to delete saved passwords in chrome

4. Once we have activated it, all the passwords that you have synchronized and saved can be managed from here. By clicking on each of the pages that appear you can delete it by selecting the trashcan icon.

how to clear saved passwords on chrome
how to delete saved passwords in chrome android

4. How to Delete Saved Passwords on iPhone Chrome Browser

As we have seen the process in Android, we can carry it out in iOS on your iPhone. They are a few simple steps and will save you annoyances if someone takes your mobile with bad intentions or you lose it.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your iPhone and go to the top right menu of the three points and enter the “Settings” option.

how to delete saved passwords on chrome
how to delete all saved passwords in chrome

2. In the next window select the option “Save passwords” to configure the options.

delete saved passwords on chrome
how to delete saved passwords on chrome mac

3. You will see a history with everything you have visited. You have to select in the bottom part “Clear navigation data

delete saved passwords on chrome
how to delete saved passwords on chrome

4. In this window select everything you want to delete but above all select the part of saved passwords. After that select “Clear navigation data”

delete saved passwords on chrome
how to delete all saved passwords on chrome

Ready, Google will no longer have your passwords for anyone to see. Of course, if you decide to return everything back, you will have to restore the browser’s default settings (the option is at the end of the advanced settings), so the keys will be saved as you use them.

I hope that this article how to delete saved passwords on chromebook, how to remove saved passwords on chrome is useful to clear saved passwords on google chrome, remove saved passwords on iphone, delete saved passwords on chrome browser.

delete saved passwords on chrome.


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