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In the Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 and Note 8 there is a button totally dedicated to Bixby, the virtual assistant of Samsung. Finally you can disable it in the latest update.

Some time ago we had a new opponent in the fight of virtual assistants. His name is Bixby and such is the confidence that Samsung has in which he dedicated an exclusive button to his software. With this last update you can deactivate the assistant completely.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was very surprised with its presentation, both for its new design lines and for its new virtual assistant. Bixby, who came to compete with Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant, and that Samsung wanted you to use a lot.

That’s why Samsung created a new button to launch this virtual assistant by just pressing it. Button that has not been free of controversy, since the Korean company, initially allowed to remap it, but then regretted, and eliminated this option.

Now, it has been officially confirmed that Samsung already allows you to disable the Bixby button natively, without the need to install any third-party application.

What is Bixby ?

Bixby is an assistant for the management of personal information designed to handle computer applications for smartphones, laptops and tablets. It works with voice recognition through software that allows the use of any of these devices without having to use hands. For example, with this assistant the user is able to request all kinds of information to the mobile with just talk to him.

Bixby was one of the most anticipated developments of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + that have just appeared. The new voice assistant is born in these smartphones. But in reality it is interesting, because it probably will not be the only type of device in which we see it.

how to disable bixby button on s9 without samsung account
how to disable bixby button samsung galaxy s8

That is one of the differential characteristics of a development that is different from what we had seen so far with Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Now. It has a different purpose to them, and Samsung may have hit the nail on the head with that approach.

Why Turn Off the Bixby Button?

One of the biggest frustrations with the Bixby button is its location. This is located just below the volume controls and practically at the same height as the button lock and unlock screen – on the other side. It leads to accidentally pressing the Bixby button, it is not something that happens very often, but let’s face it, if it happens.

Since this button is only useful for launching Bixby, many would prefer that it simply not exist. And every time we wanted to use our assistant we could do it with a voice or accessing it from the start menu.

If you agree, dismiss the button and forget those third-party apps with which you blocked (if you came to that). Below we show you how to disable the button using the new configuration that Samsung has brought for us.

How to Deactivate the Bixby Button

Disable Bixby Button s8/s9/s10

It’s a simple thing to do, as long as you have the latest version of Bixby –

1. Press the Bixby button

2. If you have not updated it, opening it will offer the option to update Bixby . (If not, follow the instructions shown below).

3. Slide the switch to deactivate (or to activate if you want it again)

how to disable the bixby button on samsung s8
how to disable bixby button on samsung galaxy s9

And ready! The button of Bixby will deactivate totally, in this way when you press it accidentally absolutely nothing will happen.

What do I do if I Updated Bixby and the Switch is not Displayed?

 1. Press the Bixby button

2. In the upper right corner, touch the three-point menu

3. Select Settings

4. Swipe down and select Bixby Key

5. Select Do not open anything

how to disable the bixby button on samsung s9
how to disable bixby button on samsung galaxy s9

How to Disable Bixby From the Start Menu

Now, if you are looking to deactivate Bixby completely, or simply do not want to access by swiping your finger from left to right in the start menu, you can also do so.

1. Hold your finger on the home screen in an empty space until the next menu is displayed.

2. Swipe to the right until you reach the “page” where Bixby is.

3. Disable Bixby using the switch.

how to disable the bixby button on samsung s8
disable bixby button samsung note 9

Disable Bixby Key on Android

As you can read in Same s8/9/10, the latest version of Bixby already includes the option to disable the launch of the virtual assistant when you press the physical button assigned to it.

Executing this option is as simple as accessing the Bixby options and clicking on the switch that you will find at the top of said menu. But beware, you will have to have Bixby Home updated to the latest version to be able to do this.

how to disable bixby button on samsung galaxy s8
how to disable bixby button on samsung s8

We do not know very well why. But it seems that now Samsung has decided to give the option to users to use or not this button, which on a daily basis with the Galaxy S8, could be a bit annoying, by unintentionally triggering it in some occasions. Unless you had a curious anti-Bixby case that we already talked about.

However, Samsung will not give us the option to remap this button. so we can launch another application with it, since it keeps that ace up its sleeve. If you press the Bixby button, you will launch Bixby, or you will not launch anything. At least natively.

What do you think about this Samsung decision? Do you think it does well by giving the user the option of disabling this button?

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