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How to create Free Netflix with Password May 2022

Are you searching for a free Netflix account and password? You don’t have enough money and you want to enjoy free Netflix account hack? Then, worry more. As we are going to be showing you here, How to get a free Netflix account. It is possible to get free Netflix subscription without paying any money. There a lot of ways online, but in this guide we have come up with 9 ways which will give you Netflix free account 2022.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the world’s leading media streaming platform, functioning in nearly all the countries in the world. It was one of the very first platforms in the streaming industry when it started its service in 2007, and they were lucky to get off with hundreds of millions of subscribers around the globe.

how to get free netflix premium account 2021
free netflix premium account May 2022

Netflix has ruled the streaming service industry for years despite new companies, like Hulu, Disney+, coming into the on-demand streaming service.

How much does Netflix Premium Cost?

Netflix has three plans you can choose from: Basic plan, Standard, and Premium.
Netflix barely raised its prices, but there’s no way you can get a better price than that to watch many hours upon hours of great entertainment.

Netflix plans are generally designed to cover not just the number of devices that can share your account, but video streaming quality as well

1. Basic Plan :

Price: $9/month

What you get: If you subscribe to a Basic Netflix plan, you don’t get the basics alone. The $9 price gives you access to Netflix streaming service on one screen but not no HD.

2. Standard Plan : 

Price: $14/month

What you get: A Standard plan of Netflix is just perfect for couples that might want to be streaming a TV show simultaneously in a different room. You can use your account on two devices and in HD, if you choose.

3. Premium Plan

Price: $18/month

What you get: for a Premium Netflix subscription, you get everything that is available on a Standard Netflix plan, but the difference is that you can stream on up to four screens, and you can watch in HD or even 4K videos.

Free Netflix Premium Accounts Features


free netflix premium account email and password

The same Screen on Multiple devices is called Multi-screen. You can share your screen up to 4 segments at the same time using free netflix premium account. This means that, you can use your screen with your 3 other friends including you and they will be able to watch their favorite movies, shows etc at the same time on any location.

Ultra HD

how to get a free netflix premium account

With the free Premium netflix account you are able to watch the videos in all available picture resolution from 360p to 4K quality. You can set the video quality to Ultra HD when you are watching Netflix on your big screens like Smart TV.

Unlimited Download

free netflix account and password

With a free or premium Netflix account, you can download anything from Netflix without any limitations and restrictions on quantity, you can watch it later on. But you can not share it with anyone. You can enjoy these downloaded movies or series until your subscription expires.

Account Sharing free netflix account username and password

You can share your Netflix ID and password with your friends and family members. You can do that and they also will be enjoy watching on Netflix. But you don’t share the credentials with someone who could deceive you, for that person may intentionally change your password and you can’t able to login post that.

Free Netflix Account and Password 2022

If you don’t have money to purchase Netflix login, don’t worry. We have many Netflix free account id and password. We will share them with you. They are all working free Netflix account usernames and passwords 2022. Please use the below free Netflix premium account username and password to login to Netflix.

Free Netflix Account List May 2022 free netflix account and password

[email protected]freenf5673
[email protected]freenfghko6
[email protected]freenf46llo0
[email protected]freenfr432
[email protected]freenf7654gh
[email protected]freenfbold3
[email protected]freenfyio9
[email protected]freenf123w
[email protected]freenfrat6k
[email protected]freenf56rt7
[email protected]freenf78yu78
[email protected]freenf879dm5
[email protected]freenfaq224h
[email protected]freenfaqpl9
[email protected]freenf34l09
[email protected]freenf560pq
[email protected]freenf23wex76
[email protected]freenf21q08j
[email protected]freenfils21
[email protected]freenf12zac
[email protected]freenf000o
[email protected]freenf2g86t7
[email protected]freenf22d2d3
[email protected]freenf1q2q1
adalynnnetflix[email protected]freenfp9p8p

If any of the Above Netflix free premium account id and password 2022 doesn’t Work or is not suitable for you, then follow the below method to get a Free Netflix Account without credit Card.

How to Get Netflix Free Account

Nowadays getting Netflix free account with password is very challenging. But it is not impossible. We will be sharing 100% genuine and working tips to get Netflix free accounts. You can watch movies and your favorite shows through this free Netflix

1. Netflix Free Trial

The first and the easiest method to enjoy the streaming service of Netflix is by signing up for a Netflix trial. free netflix account username and password.

free netflix premium account
free netflix account and password

Netflix Free Trial Accounts Features

As we have said earlier, getting a free Netflix account without credit card is possible but it has some limited features. In this guide there are lots of ways we will discuss on how to make free Netflix account with password.

The features of Netflix free trial includes

  1. No HD viewing on free netflix account and password.
  2. It can only be viewed on one screen
  3. You get the first month free, as part of the trial period offer.
  4. Unlimited downloads. free netflix account and password.

With Netflix trial, you get access to 30 days free streaming. Below are the steps to follow on how to create a Netflix free account and password.

  • Open the Netflix App or Log on at www.netflix.com
  • Click on the “Join free for a month” button.
  • Select either basic, standard or premium plan.
  • Create an account with your “email address & password” (don’t forget to verify your email address)
  • Enter payment method: credit or debit card, PayPal, Gift card details etc. (You will only be charged after the free 30 day period has ended) but you have to cancel it before 30 days so that you won’t be charged and you enjoy the service for free.

Can I Get a Second Free Trial on Netflix?

This is very possible and the main process is for you to have many emails.
If you have several email addresses, you can use them for more free trials on Netflix just go through all the sign-up steps again.

2. Use Virtual Cards to Create Free Netflix Account

Online credit card generators were once used to create fake credit cards, just for opening Netflix free trial accounts. But now Netflix has deactivated this feature. But fortunately, Netflix is still accepting the virtual cards which are provided by an online wallet or a bank. This is another way to get a Netflix free accounts and passwords and unlock free Netflix trial without using a credit card.

To get a working virtual card, you will have to complete a simple signup process and place a request. As soon as you receive your virtual card, it can be easily used for registering on Netflix.

But there are some rules for getting a virtual card which may be different as per your location. For example, if you are an Indian customer, then you can get a virtual debit card from Paytm Payments Bank. After getting your virtual cards, just register on Netflix and enjoy the free trial.

3. Use Netflix Cookie to Get Netflix Free Account

Another free Netflix account hack is using cookies to access free Netflix premium accounts. It is just as easy as 1,2 & 3 but one needs the patience to get a working cookie.

free netflix account
free netflix premium account email id and password

So below are the steps to get a free Netflix subscription.


Google Chrome Browser / Opera Browser
Edit this cookie Extension / Addon

  • Visit https://www.netflixfreecookies.in/ to have access to a working cookie. On this website, cookies are updated everyday.
  • Select any of the cookies. Try them one by one.
  • Pass all the URL short-ners ( you have to pass two URLs) and get a cookie.
  • Copy all the Cookies and open https://www.netflix.com/ on another tab of your browser.
  • Be on the Homepage of Netflix and click the “edit this cookie”.
  • Import the cookies to your browser.
  • Press the “OK” button.
  • Refresh the recent page. Once you refresh the page, it will direct you into the Netflix Premium account and password automatically. Now you can enjoy Netflix premium account for free.

If any of the cookies you copy doesn’t work, try the others, you will get one to work.

4. Free Netflix Account by Sharing Netflix Accounts

Netflix is a streaming service that does not offer a reduction in their plan for students or antithetical people but they allow sharing your Netflix free account and password to your friends and family members. Which means when someone get a Netflix free account, you can share it with four other people. Isn’t this amazing?

how to create free netflix premium account
netflix premium account for free

All you have to do is just to create another profile and share your password with them.

Note : The password of the account can only be one and cannot be changes by the people you shared your profile with.

Below are the steps to follow to create a profile for individuals who you want to share your Netflix free account with

  • Visit netflix.com and login your account.
  • At the top right corner, select your account icon.
  • Click on “manage profile”.
  • Click on “Add a profile”.
  • Write the name of the profile you want to create and select done.

You can do this for the other profiles you want to create too.

5. Free Netflix Premium Account Through Netflix Mod Apk

As we all know that Netflix charges a lot for their premium account on the normal Netflix app, so some people came together and designed a Mod Netflix app for affordable subscription. All you have to do is to download the Netflix Mod apk app on your play store, after downloading follow the below steps to install and enjoy Netflix free premium account.

free netflix premium account mod apk
free netflix premium account mod apk / free netflix account username and password
  • You have to enable anonymous sources settings in your device. Go to the security setting and select Unknown Sources and allow it.
  • Download the Mod Netflix app. You can download Netflix mod apk by click on below download link.
  • Install the Mod app on your device.
  • Wait for the app to be successfully installed and enjoy Netflix for free.

Netflix Mod Apk 

US Server Netflix MOD APK

Netflix Mod Apk Lite

 6. Free Netflix Account Through MediaBoxHd App

You can run Netflix free by using MediaBoxHd. It is possible to have access to Premium Netflix apps absolutely free of charge. This feature acts as a Netflix Content unlocker. Just download this application from your play store and give it permissions and free all videos. It works on all the devices like iOS, Android, iPad are supported by this program.

7. Online Free Netflix Account Generator

A lot of website on the internet now claim that have a free Netflix account generator and they are ready to give them out if you participate is their human verification or survey, most of them are lies and the logins will not work because so many people have changed the password of the account and will make it impossible for you to login.

So whenever you come across any of this survey site for Netflix account generator, just ignore them because most of they are scam.

8.Participate in Giveaways to Get Free Netflix Account

Many websites on the internet are doing Netflix account giveaways, and we also run giveaways on this site if you have been following our contents for some time. We give Netflix premium accounts and passwords to our fans for free.

free netflix account and password

9.Free Netflix Account Using Promo Code

When you use Netflix promo code, you get your Netflix subscription at a discounted rate and very cheap. There are a lot of free promo codes on the internet, just search and get a working promo code to use and enjoy Netflix accounts for free.

Using these Netflix Promo Codes to get Free Netflix Account

  1. 80Wxr
  2. 3Yji54
  3. 8530ok
  4. 9832dsmn6
  5. 3o0p51

Use all the above promo codes to get free netflix premium account and password.

Conclusion free netflix account and password

We hope you enjoyed all the methods we have written on how to get a free Netflix account and password, how to get Netflix account and password free 2022, how to create Netflix account free and they will work for you. You can try all our free Netflix account hack, free Netflix logins, free Netflix trial too and if you have any problem you can drop a comment for us, we will surely attend to them. free netflix account and password.

Thanks for reading

free netflix account and password.


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