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The currency of Fortnite allows you to unlock new contents of the same, but although generally you must buy them with real money, there are several methods with which to obtain free V-Bucks.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a video game of Epic Games that presents a cartoon appearance that transports us to a rich sandbox world in which to explore, explore or build and, finally, survive. In fact … Do you want to survive the dangers of the night? Build a fortress during the day and in a hurry, even using debris, and pray that it will be strong. Fortnite is basically a world of “action construction”, where teams of up to 4 players can explore their destructible world, gather resources and collaborate to build impressive forts and weapons as crazy as they are efficient to survive.

How to Get Free V-bucks on fortnite
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What is V-Bucks ?

The V-Bucks, are the virtual currency of the game Fortnite. The topic of micropayments is the order of the day and, like more and more current games, Fortnite also allows users to acquire more V-Bucks coins with real money and thus be able to acquire new skins and cosmetic elements for the characters. The good news is that there are other ways to get V-Bucks without going through the box, here the details.

how to get free v bucks on fortnite
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Get Free V Bucks on Fortnite

With the Fortnite boom , there are many players who have decided to take a step beyond their participation in the acclaimed title. Although in every game of Battle Royale all the survivors start with the same conditions, there are some purely decorative objects that help to carve an image within the pitched battles. To obtain them you will need to buy them through V-Bucks , the currency used in Fortnite, which in turn we will buy with real money. The good news is that there are also ways to get free V-Bucks within the game itself.

Of course, you can only win free V-Bucks if you have access to the Save the World game mode , which for the moment is in advance payment access (from € 39.99) for PS4, Xbox One, Windows and Mac. Yes , V-Bucks are not going to leave you for free, although you can always opt to wait for this modality to be released for free throughout 2018.

1. Entering Daily in Save the World

Every day you log in to Save the World, you get some reward. Sometimes it is usually some decorative object as we mentioned before, but from time to time they also give you a gift with V-Bucks. For example, on the 11th day he will give you a handful of these precious coins.

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Then, it will take a few more days to get another amount of coins back. At least they are free.

2. Take advantage of events to Get Free V-Bucks

This type of games usually have temporary events , which if performed within the active period, give you a series of rewards, including V-Bucks.

You will find the list of events just below the Missions section. There you will see what you must do during the game to complete the event.

3. Battle Pass

This season there is 300 V-Bucks available for the free Battle Pass.

You can earn upto 1000 V-Bucks.

If you buy the Battle Pass you’ll have plenty of skins and enough V-Bucks to be able to buy the new battle pass.

4. Complete daily Quests

Another source of income can be daily missions. Much like the daily log-in style, in these missions you can get Fortnite coins (or other rewards) every day.

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These missions usually consist of defeating X number of enemies using a specific weapon or character , for example. You will know the daily missions that you have pending when you access the “missions” section within the main menu of Save the World mode.

5. Make Storm Shield missions

In the different areas of Save the World (which are unlocked as we move through the game) we can find the Storm Shield missions, which upon successful completion will reward us with 100 free V-Bucks .

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Six Storm Shield missions await us in each zone, with as many unlockables that are added as the developers release updates.

6. Turn to secondary missions

And is that after all, whoever wants something, something costs. In no worthwhile game may be missing side quests, which can also give you money from the universe Fortnite in addition to various rewards. In this case, the V-Bucks can amount to 150 coins per mission.

To a lesser extent there are the challenges , which can give you up to 50 V-Bucks for each challenge completed. Like the other missions, you can check which ones you have pending in the “Missions” section.

7. Fortnite World Cup/FNCS

At last year’s event, they were offered FREE V-Bucks for attending the event!

If you’re looking for a quick cash injection, this is an easy way to get it.

The FNCS (Fortnite Championship Series) offers drops and rewards for watching the streams.

8. Fortnite V Bucks Generator

Fortnite free v bucks generator online is a easy way to get free v bucks. Creating free fortnite v bucks generator may seems okay but it is simply impossible as most of the Fortnite V Bucks generator software are fake and they might want to hack into your device and steal your information. So it is advisable to stay off such generator and just use any other methods to get free v bucks.

9. Twine Peaks and Stonewood

There is another way to get V-Bucks coins in Fortnite Save the World, although it requires that you have at least level 70 due to the difficulty of the mission in question.

This is the Twine Peaks defense missions, in which you will have to survive numerous waves of enemies with other players while trying to protect an area. There are different types of wave missions, but all will allow you to get the same number of coins: 100 V-Bucks.

Twine Peaks missions are presented as one of the most interesting and fun ways to get Fortnite coins, but you need at least level 70 to access them.

If you are still far from level 70, we offer you another tips: The Stonewood missions. This is a series of missions similar to the ones we just detailed about Twine Peaks, but this time you must protect an area while surviving waves of enemies in Stonewood.

In addition, for this new group of missions the recommended level is between 1 and 19, so you will be able to get Fortnite V-Bucks as soon as you start this adventure in the PS4, PC and Xbox One game.

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Final Words

As we said before, the rapid popularization of Fortnite has made scammers and swindlers take advantage of the pull to try to deceive the most unsuspecting by promising V-Bucks and other rewards that in the best of cases never end up coming.

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What’s more, using third-party services to obtain advantages in the game can lead to the termination of your account , which would lose all your progress in Fortnite. Better to play it safe and just play to get the rewards.

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