Are you looking for watch HBO Max on Roku smart TV, now you are in exact place. Today we’ll share how to get HBO Max on Roku TV for our readers.

Roku provides the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV and watch free as well as paid streaming services on your TV through the internet.  This guide explains you how to watch HBO Max on your Roku device(s).

watch hbo max on roku
is hbo max free on roku

HBO Max is the latest, most up to date channel from HBO. It lets you watch all existing HBO content in addition to hundreds of movies and TV shows, and new Max Originals. Roku also added support for HBO Max in December 2020. However, ever since the HBO Max app launched on Roku, users have complained that the app freezes and crashes frequently. Also you can watch Netflix on your Roku.

Is HBO Max on Roku?

Yes. You can now download the HBO Max app on Roku. Download the HBO Max app through the Roku Channel Store, then sign up through Hulu or Amazon Prime Channels to get a free 7-day trial. You can activate the HBO Max app on Roku once you sign up for a subscription.

Is HBO Max Free on Roku ?

No, It is not free on Roku. But, if you already subscribed to HBO NOW, you can watch HBO Max at no extra cost. Simply enter your existing HBO email and password to watch HBO Max. If you subscribe to HBO with your cable or satellite package, you can sign into HBO Max with the credentials from your cable or satellite provider.

Why Can’t I Get HBO Max on My Roku?

The HBO Max app only works with Roku 9.3 and later. So, if you’re using older Roku models, you need to upgrade your device. Any Roku models that no longer receive the latest updates won’t play HBO Max smoothly.

How to Get HBO Max on Roku

If you didn’t already have HBO on your Roku, you need to download and install it on your Roku. In this article we explain two easy ways to get HBO Max app on your Roku device.

1. Get HBO Max From Web Browser

You can add HBO Max to Roku from any web browser. To do this, follow below instructions,

  • Go to the Roku Channel store. Enter your Roku account log in credentials to add HBO Max app, if prompted.
how to add hbo max to roku
how to add hbo max to roku tv
  • Type “HBO Max” on the Search channel bar near the top of the screen.
  • Select HBO Max from the search list.
 hbo max roku workaround
hbo max roku workaround
  • Click on “+ Add Channel” to add HBO Max to your roku device(s).
can you watch hbo max on roku tv
can you watch hbo max on roku tv

Now, the channel will be added to your roku and you can access it on your channel tiles. Know more about how to create roku account without credit card.

2. How to Add HBO Max From Your Roku

  • Press the “Home button” on your Roku remote control.

how do i watch hbo max on roku tv

  • Select “Search Channels.”
 how to sign into hbo max on roku
how to sign into hbo max on roku
  • Search for “HBO.” When you see “HBO Max,” select it.
how do i get hbo max on my roku smart tv
how do i get hbo max on my roku smart tv
  • Then, select “Add Channel.” It will start install HBO Max on roku.
how to get hbo max on roku tv
how to stream hbo max on roku tv
  • Once it done, select “OK.”

The above two methods explained easy ways to add hbo max to your roku device. After adding the channel, if you need a clear guide about how to watch HBO Max on Roku smart TV, we explain it in below steps.

How to Watch HBO Max on Roku TV

Once you installed the HBO Max on your Roku, you can find it on your channel tiles along with your other streaming channels. To access it,

  • Press the “Home button” on Roku remote.
  • Scroll the channel tiles to find “HBO Max”. Select HBO Max when it appears.
hbo max roku free trial
hbo max roku free trial
  • When you start it for the first time, log in using the credentials you created when you signed up for service on the HBO Max webpage.

How to Sign in HBO Max on Roku

If you already have an HBO or HBO Max account, you can sign into the HBO Max channel using the credentials you used to sign up for the account. So, for example, if you have HBO through AT&T, use your AT&T credentials. Or, if you have it through your cable provider, use your cable credentials.

If you don’t have an HBO Max account yet, sign up for an HBO Max account. It is simply easy. Open in a web browser and click “Subscribe Now.”

You can also sign in through the Roku channel you just installed. To do this, follow the below instructions,

  • After installation of HBO Max Channel on your Roku device, select it from from home screen’s channel tiles to open.
  • Then select “Start Free Trial” or “Subscribe Now”. (If you already have HBO Max subscription, login to your account and skip the below steps. otherwise follow the below steps).
  • Enter the requested information and then click “Create Account”.
  • Enter payment details and choose your subscription plan. HBO Max offers ad free subscription $14.99 per month and ad supported plane cost $9.99 per month and you can cancel your service at any time without any long-term obligation. When you’re done, click “Subscribe” or “Start My Free Trial”.

Now, You can start enjoying your favorite shows, series, addictive movies and all streaming services on HBO Max.

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How to Update to HBO Max on Roku

If you are already an HBO subscriber either through HBO Now or HBO Go, Roku should automatically update the app and you’ll have HBO Max on your device.

If your Roku didn’t update automatically, you’ll need to force the update to happen:

  • Using your Roku remote, select the HBO app but don’t start it.
  • Press the Star button on the remote.

how do you watch hbo max on roku tv

  • Choose “Check for updates.”
  • After a moment, Roku should replace the HBO app with HBO Max.


Now you have successfully installed the HBO Max app on your device you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies right at your fingertips. I hope that this is how to watch HBO max on Roku TV is useful to you. If it is helped you, please share it with your friends and family members and also if you have any questions you can ask me on comment box.

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