If you have ever encountered the unpleasant surprise of finding an image of you or your children in the Google search results, which you do not want to be made public, in this post we will explain how you can delete it from the search engine, how to delete google photos permanently.

The first thought may be asking Google to stop showing it. However, you should know that Google does not respond to this type of request. The Internet company considers that he is not responsible for the content he shows in his search engine , he simply offers information that has been published by others and it is these third parties who must delete the photo.

how to delete google photos backup

Today We are going to teach about how to delete google photos app, how to delete google photos from account, how to delete google photos library, how to delete google photos account. you have reached right article.

Note: Before deleting photos from google photos make a backup ! Keep in mind that it is possible to delete the photos of all your synchronized devices (those stored in the terminals), so it is best that you know how to download a copy of the photos of Google Photos before deleting them and keep it in the pc.

What is Google Photos ?

The new Google Photos (or Photos) is already available as part of the Google applications. It promises to be a turning point in the way people store their photographs.

Two key advantages of google photos :

  1. Unlimited space.
  2. Automatic categorization.

You have to see if it does not fail (like Google +), but having tried the application, it can be said that it is very easy to use. And with two key advantages: unlimited space (at high quality) and automatic categorization.

How to Delete Google Photos

Before you deleting google photos, it is very important to take back-up of your photos. Because your photos are precious one. It gives you back to your sweet memories. Now we will show you how to delete all photos from google photos, how to delete google photos account, how to delete google photos from gallery, how to delete google photos from google drive, how to delete google photos from phone, how to delete google photos from iphone, how to delete google photos from cloud, how to delete google photos back up.

How to Delete Google Photos Permanently On PC

This first way of doing it does not require any other google service, although it is best that we do it from our pc in the browser, we can also do it from the mobile, but it can be somewhat more uncomfortable when it comes to removing large libraries of images .

To completely remove the photos from our pc we will do the following:

1. We will enter our photos.google.com account .

2. Now we will place the cursor over the first photo , and we will see a circle icon at the top-left with a v, we will click right above it and we will see that the photo is selected.

how to delete google photos account from iphone
how to delete google photos android

3. Now we will press the End key of our keyboard, or we will go down with the wheel or scroll bar until the last photo of the list (below all).

4. With the Shift key pressed (and keeping it), we will click on the last image , just like when we select several files in windows, and we will see that all the photos have been selected.

how to delete from google photos but not device
how to delete google photos from gallery

5. Now we simply have to give up the icon with the trash and we will see that the photos will disappear (give it a moment to process it).

So far we have removed from our list all the photos we had, but Google Photos keeps a copy of the photos that we deleted for 60 days, if we want to eliminate them completely we will have to:

a) Give the menu button up to the left

b) Hit the trash button

He will ask us for confirmation and we will simply tell him yes At this time, the photos in Google Photos and all linked devices will have been erased, so be careful when using the option.

how to delete google auto backup photos from iphone
how to delete from google photos but not iphone

If you want to do it with your phone you have to press and hold the first photo, and from which you select drag down to select all of them, I recommend putting the year view for it.

How to Delete Photos From Google Drive

  • Open the “Google Photos”.
  • Click on “Photos” at the bottom.
  • Touch and hold on a photo/video you want to delete (move to trash).
  • Select other items you want to delete or move to trash. Use shift or ctrl key to select photos/videos you want to delete.
  • At the top-right, click on “Trash”.

How to delete Google photos from Device Only

Google Photos creates two copies of your all shots – one is on your device and another one is on the app. It takes up a chunk of memory on your device. You can delete one copy of the photos on your device and you can keep another one on cloud. Follow below steps to delete photos from your device only.

  • Open the Google Photos app.
  • Click on the “Menu icon” ( three horizontal lions ) on the top-left corner.
  • Tab on “Settings” and go to “Backup & sync”.
  • If you don’t have backed up of your photos, turn it on and wait for the photos to sync. Once your photos have been synced, switch off the “Backup & sync”.
  • Again go to “Settings” and click on “Free up device storage”.

It will be delete synced photos from photo gallery on your device.

How to delete Google Photos Without Deleting From Phone

The above method we show you delete google photos from device only to keep photos in google photos app only. But this method we will show you how to delete google photos from google photos only, and keep photos/videos on your device.

  • Open the Google Photos app on your android or iphone.
  • Go to “Settings” and click on “Backup & sync”.
  • Make sure that Backup is disabled.
  • Go to Google Photos official site by clicking on https://photos.google.com and sign in with your Google account.
  • Select photos you want to delete and click on the bin icon in the top-right corner.

How to Delete All Photos From Google photos

For mobile,

  • Go to Google photos app.
  • Click and hold on first image/video on google photos.
  • Select all photos on google photos.
  • Click on “Delete” icon to delete all photos.

For Pc,

  1. Open Google photos on your PC.
  2. Select first photo/video on google photos.
  3. Scroll down and go to the last photo on google photos and wait for load all images.
  4. When all photos were loaded, press shift key and select last image on google photos.
  5. Click on Delete icon at top-right corner of the page.

Recover Deleted Photos

If you delete your photos wrongly in google photos, you do not worry. You can recover deleted photos from trash before 60 days from your deletion process. Follow below steps to recover your photos.

  • Click on “Main menu” icon (3 horizontal lines icon at top-left corner).
  • Click “Trash”.
  • Find the items to “restore”.
  • Select items.
  • Click the “restore icon” in the top-right corner.

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Finale Words

Remember that this google service provides us with free and unlimited cloud storage for all our photos and videos, so in case of problems with our devices it may be a good idea to have a backup copy. How to delete all google backup photos, how to delete google cloud photos.

Do you use Google Photos? Why do you want to stop using it?


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