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Anyone addicted to online multiplayer games knows that voice and text services are essential for the proper development of a game. Until recently it was necessary to use VoIP services, such as TeamSpeak, to fulfill this function, with some of its drawbacks: they are paid, they do not always adequately transmit the voices, and they tend to slow down the speed of the games, so the multiplayer experience is compromised. The good news is that there is already a new possibility to transmit all this data during a multiplayer game. His name is Discord.

Discord is a personalized data transmission service that only involves the creation of a server . Its success has been such that in just a few months it already has 50 million users. Something that is due to its attractive and avant-garde interface and all the advantages offered by server customization.

If you are unsatisfied with your VoIP service in multiplayer games, it may be time to switch to Discord, creating your own server to migrate your entire community of players to this new platform.

Discover how to create a free server in Discord , a kind of Teamspeak with noob-friendly interface and the possibility of creating free servers in the simplest way possible. It is a software that has acquired a lot of fame quickly due to its simple interface and its complete features. It is the perfect tool to create free voice servers with which to replace the typical Skype calls, especially when playing video games with friends.

Discord is better in this aspect because it is basically designed specifically for gamers who usually play with other players using Skype or TeamSpeak voice chats. In this software there is no need to create group calls by adding each contact as in Skype, users will only have to enter a voice channel to join the call, making the process as easy as possible.

How to Make a Discord Server

Here we explain, step by step guidance of how to make a Discord server and invite your friends to use it.

How to Create a New Discord Server

Discord is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. However, it is a versatile service that you can access even through a web browser, as long as you do not want to use desktop and mobile clients.

Once you have downloaded, if necessary, the software and finished with the installation, register on the Discord page.

Let’s see the steps of how to make a good discord server 2022,

  • Name your server Once you are in Discord, look for the “+” sign in the client’s left panel. It will show you all the servers available within the service.
how to create roles on a discord server
how to create a successful discord server
  • Look for the option “Create a server” , and click on it. You will then be asked to name and choose an icon for your new server.
how to create server emotes discord
how to create roles on a discord server
  • Choose a location. In the same menu you will be asked to choose the region in which you want the Discord server to be located. There are so many regions that it would be a temptation to opt for the most popular or the most exotic, but the sensible thing to do is to choose one close to your geographical location.
  • The reason is very simple: the distance between you and the server determines the ping you will experience when using voice communications. The closer server is, lower the ping will be. The lower the ping, the lower the communications delay between players within the voice channel.
  • When you have made this choice, click on “Create server“.
  • And that’s it: you already have your Discord server.
how to create discord server invite
create discord server free

Configuring Your Discord Server

To share your Discord server, you first need to make it public. To that end you have to configure it properly. One of the fundamental reasons for Discord’s success is the customization options that the server offers. You can alter the configuration on your own and administer the server without problems.

We are going to see several options to configure the server.

1. Add Voice and Text Channels

If your server is public, it is recommended that you create several voice and text channels. Above all it is essential that you categorize them appropriately, so that users do not get confused.

how to create a private server in discord
how to create server in discord

To add text or voice channels, click on “Text Channels ” or “Voice Channels” , and give each one an appropriate and clear name, to avoid confusion.

2. Set the Verification Level

It will be useful if you want to restrict access to your Discord server and only allow certain members, thereby improving server security. You can choose various levels of verification so that participants can send messages on text channels or start an audio conversation. You can also skip that verification by assigning functions to a particular member.

To do this, do the following:

1 . Once you are in Discord, click on the server name and go to “Server Settings

how to create discord server mobile
how to create discord server mobile

2 . Go to the “Moderation” section , located on the left and adjust the level of verification according to your preferences.

how to create a discord server on mobile
how to create new discord server

3. Management of Roles or Functions for Members

In Discord you have the option to add and change specific functions for certain members of the server. Depending on these functions, users will have different privileges : a direct access and the ability to cast and even prohibit access to normal members. If you have a group of trusted friends, you can grant them permission to help you with the Discord server administration. Let’s see how to grant these privileges:

1 . Go to “Server settings” by clicking on the name of your server.

2 . Now go to the “Functions (Roles)” section in the left panel. There you can add new functions to each member, and adjust the privileges of each one.

how to create a private server on discord
how to create roles on discord server

How to Invite Players to Your Discord Server ( How to Create Discord Server Link )

Once you have created and configured your new Discord server, it is time to invite new players. To this end you have to create a unique Discord link to share it with others, so that they can easily access your server with a single click.

To do this, follow these steps:

1 . Once you are on your Discord server, click on the server name . A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the “Invite People” option .

2 . You will reach a menu where the invitation link to your Discord server will be visible. You can copy it and send it to whoever you want . By default, the invitation link expires after 24 hours. However, you can configure it so that it never expires or customize it by clicking on the gear icon .

how to create a professional discord server
how to create a private server on discord

3 . In this icon you will find the control for the expiration date of the particular invitation code and the maximum number of times it can be used . You can also grant temporary memberships to certain people. Once you finish with the customization, you can create a new invitation by clicking on “Generate a new link” .

how to make a discord server
how to create a popular discord server

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You Are Now Ready to Use Discord in Online Games

With regard to multiplayer games, Discord seems to be the best option today in terms of the transmission of text and audio data, compared to other VoIP services, such as TeamSpeak or Skype. This is due, as we have already mentioned, to your personalization options, to the almost perfect user interface and to the simplicity of your administration.

Without a doubt, Discord is a great option for the future of the future in online games.

There are many other configurable details in Discord, such as permissions or bots, which we will deal with in future articles. how to make discord server public.

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If you have any questions about how to create a server in Discord do not hesitate to ask for comments. How to make a server on discord.


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