If you want to get rid of that endless list of Chrome bookmarks and start from scratch, we tell you how to do it in a stroke. we are teach about how to delete bookmarks in chrome mobile, how to delete bookmarks in chrome ipad, how to delete bookmarks in chrome fast, how to delete all bookmarks in chrome, how to delete multiple bookmarks in chrome at once.

This is the panorama. You go to see your favorite web page in Chrome and you find a list of bookmarks that goes to the end of the screenAnd beyond . It is something that happens to many after using the browser for a while. Delete marker by marker is not comfortable at all, and at the end this bar becomes an elephant graveyard to which all the curious webs that we find on the net will die . Sometimes, the best solution is to erase all the markers and start again from scratch, but even this option is not as easy as you might expect. We tell you the easiest way to remove all Google Chrome bookmarks at once.

What is Bookmarks:

The bookmarks bar is a very useful section that all browsers have and that allows us to have quick access to our favorite links as well as install bookmarklets in it. Some browsers such as Chrome do not show it by default, so it is advisable to know how to activate and deactivate it.

In Chrome, click on the configuration button at the top right and select Bookmarks / Show bookmarks bar so that it appears or disappears.

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How to delete Bookmarks in Chrome browser

Let’s be honest. There is a radical way to cut with markers. Delete all browsing data and favorites of our user . But if you do not want to go that far, there is a less drastic shortcut that can serve us much better. The first thing we have to do is open the bookmarks panel from the Chrome settings and the “Bookmark Manager” option .

how to remove bookmarks bar chrome

1. Once in this window, on the right we will see a list with the different bookmark folders and on the right all the bookmarks that we have saved. We can select any marker, press with the right mouse button and delete the favorite. However, what interests us here is to erase all the markers in a pass.

2. To do this, we select the first of the markers with the mouse and then we go to the last one. Keeping the “shift” key pressed , we click on the marker and all the favorites will be selected . At this moment, just click with the right button and then on the option “Delete” . Be careful, because once we have made that step there will be no going back. If we want to leave any of these markers alive, the trick is to press the “control” key on those markers that we want to save.

how to delete duplicate bookmarks in google chrome
how to clear bookmarks bar chrome

It’s important to keep in mind that Chrome does not have a list of all the websites you visit on Google. Because the list of dangerous websites is stored on your computer, Google does not need to know which page you are visiting to warn you that it can be dangerous. This process keeps browsing history private and secure.

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