How to delete a Reddit account ? How close does your Reddit account? Reddit is a platform little known in France, but the community to share many content online. Each user can send links and vote for messages and comments made by members of the social network. Do you wish to unsubscribe from Reddit? Discover the method to follow to permanently delete your Reddit account .

What is Reddit

Before the youtubers were the blogs, and before the blogs, the forums dominated the Network. Although many have not managed to survive, there are some that remain at the bottom of the canyon. If you do not know what Reddit is or what it consists of , we’ll tell you.

Although it can not be described exactly as a forum , it can not be included in another category either.

The Reddit platform has changed hands a lot . It was created in June 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian , with the help of an investment from Y Combinator. In November of that same year Aaron Swartz came into play , who agreed to own Reddit by merging it on his own Infogami site. A year later the publisher Conde Nast acquired the portal, and shortly after that, Swartz was fired.

Why delete your Reddit account?

Social bookmarking sites such as Reddit have increasingly difficult to fight against the monopoly of social networks. In fact, Internet users no longer consume the content in the way and discussion forums, bookmarking sites and even blogs themselves are becoming less popular. Community platforms such as Reddit attract users looking for quality content or even information that can make a buzz. This is usually passionate members. That departs from the definition of modern Internet users.

Unfortunately for Reddit, the time spent on social networks by Internet users continues to grow at the expense of the community platform. Therefore, fewer and fewer members connect to Reddit or find useful bookmarking services. You do not want to use Reddit ? Learn how to delete your account easily.

How to delete a Reddit account?

How to delete your Reddit account? It is possible to delete your Reddit account at any time with your username and password. The closing process is very simple to do and can be found in the “Preferences” tab. If problems occur when closing your Reddit profile, the administrators of the platform can help you, but they do not have access to your personal data. These are the steps to completely eliminate your Reddit account:

1.To begin, log in to your Reddit account using the login credentials (username and password) of the account you wish to delete.

2. Once the session has started, go to the “Preferences” tab.

how to permanently delete a reddit account
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3. Next, look for the “Deactivate” tab on the right and click on this link.

how to completely delete reddit account
how to delete a reddit account on app

4. In the “delete” tab, you will find the Reddit account deletion form. You can leave a comment if you want to share with the team Reddit reason that pushes you to leave the site. Then ask again for your username for security reasons. Finally, select the confirmation box that indicates that this action is irreversible (deleted account not recoverable) and click on “Delete account“.

5. A message says “Your account has been deleted, but you will not be judged for it.” Congratulations, you have to permanently close your Reddit account. Now it is officially removed from the community platform. The effect of the expulsion decision is immediate.

how to delete reddit account from mobile
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Link to delete a Reddit account

This community site allows you to delete your account at any time through the unsubscribe form. However, you can save time and unsubscribe with a single click using the quick Reddit deletion link. With the removal of fast link, you will not have to navigate through the menu to access the Reddit online removal process .

To Deactivate with a single click, click on the Deactivate button below:

Consequences of closing a Reddit account

When you close your Reddit account , you will lose access to your account and it will be impossible for you to recover your account and username. In fact, Reddit administrators do not allow former community service users to recover their closed account or retrieve their username. In addition, all your favorite links will be lost.

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