Today we will explain how to export WhatsApp Chat, so you can send someone or save in the cloud both what has been written and the photos or multimedia files that have been shared. And it is not a hack or you need to use external applications, since you do everything from the settings of the application.

This way, if you are going to change the messaging application you will be able to keep everything you have been talking about on WhatsApp until now, or it can even be used simply to make a dump of all the multimedia files. Whatever the reason, you will see that the steps to take are few and simple.

Export all Whatsapp Chat with Emojis

1  The first thing you have to do is go to the main screen of WhatsApp and click on the icon of the three points so that the options menu appears. In this drop-down menu, click on the option Settings to enter the configuration of the application.

How to Export Whatsapp Chat

2  Once you enter the WhatsApp settings, you will see your profile and several options below. Here, you must click on the option Chat to access the configuration related to the messages you send.

How to Export Whatsapp Chat

3  When you enter the Chats option , go to the Chat Settings section , and click on the Chat History option to enter the screen where you can manage the entire history of your conversations.

How to Export Whatsapp Chat

4  On this screen you will be able to archive, empty or delete all chats at once. However, before you also have another option that allows you to export or share them, and is the one that you have to use. Therefore, here click on the option Export chat to start the process of sharing a conversation and its content.

How to Export Whatsapp Chat

5  A list of all the conversations you have on WhatsApp will appear. In it, click on the chat you want to export or share . You will have to do it chat to chat, so if you want to export others you will have to wait to finish with the first to go to the next one.

How to Export Whatsapp Chat

6  When you click on the conversation to export, a window will appear asking you if you also want to include export whatsapp chat with media. Click on Include Multimedia so that when you export the chat you not only share the messages, but also all the photos, videos or audio files that have been sent. if you don’t want to backup whatsapp chat without media click on WITHOUT MEDIA.

How to Export Whatsapp Chat

7  Now, your mobile will show you the menu where you can choose which application you want to export it to . You can choose applications in the cloud to store the conversation and photos, other emails to send everything to someone, or even messaging applications to share the content of this chat with others.

How to Export Whatsapp Chat

8  When you choose the application, WhatsApp will share all the chat content in it. It will include a TXT file with the log of all conversations , but also each of the multimedia files that were in the chat.

How to Export all Whatsapp Chats on Iphone

1  Open the WhatsApp export whatsapp chat to email.

2  Press the name of the contact or group at the top of the screen.
Scroll down and select Export chat.

3  Select Attach files or No files.

4  Select the email application (or click on More to receive more options).

5  Enter your email and press Send.


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