If you want to know how to delete your Twitter account Permanently, read on. In this post we will explain step by step all you have to do to delete the Twitter account from your mobile or from a computer . From now we anticipate that the social network of the little blue bird is not characterized by making it easy for the twitterers who are not interested in using this service more.

On the occasion of the entry into force of the new European GDPR law , social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter launch a new data protection policy as well as instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, allowing you to download data about yourself . This means that as of May 25, 2018, users will know what information companies have about us and, if we do not agree with the new conditions, we will cancel.

how to delete twitter account and create a new one
how to delete twitter account and start over

In the case of Twitter will come to offer even more transparency around the data that Twitter collects about you, how they are used and what control you have over your personal data . ” If you decide not to accept these terms, you have the option to delete your account Twitter a fairly simple with a destacada qualification process. there is an option called as such to give us low Twitter . so what do I do? , you ask from the social network microblogging offers a solution, and that is what. Let’s explain in this post, how to deactivate your Twitter account .

For many reasons we can decide to delete your Twitter Account. Do not deactivate it or abandon it, but delete the account forever and completely. If we know that we do not want to use the service, it is the best way since, in this way, our data and information are no longer on their servers.

As you may have imagined, the use of some words or other is not a coincidence and this makes the concept itself to stop having an account on Twitter vary slightly at the time of unsubscribe. There is also an important detail: we can not disable a Twitter account from mobile devices . As they collect in a post published in their help center, to unsubscribe on Twitter we have to do so by accessing directly from the web. For this we will take the following steps:

how to delete Twitter account permanently

1. Access twitter.com

2. Click on Settings and privacy , option available in the drop-down menu of your profile icon.

3. We will deactivate your account, which we will find at the bottom of the page.

how to delete twitter account on app
how to delete twitter account on iphone

4. We can check the information on deactivation of accounts on Twitter.

5. We click on Deactivate user.

how to delete twitter account permanently 2019
how to delete twitter account on phone

6. Enter the password.

how to delete twitter account when locked out
how to delete twitter account on pc

7. We confirm that we want to deactivate the Twitter account from the web .

As we said before, knowing how to deactivate your Twitter account will be useful if you do not agree with this service or with the new Twitter privacy policy in force on May 25, 2018.

With it, you authorize that the microblogging social network can freely assign your tweets to third parties as well as register and analyze all the messages of your account and even locate our location, among other options. If you do not want it, you will not have another solution but to delete your Twitter account forever, how to delete a twitter account on iphone, how to delete a twitter account without password.


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