A re you looking for repost Instagram stories, image of another person in your own Instagram story ?, now you reached best article, how do you repost story on Instagram.

If you have a question on your mind that “how to repost someone else’s story to your story, how to share others posts to your Instagram story“, you do not worry. This article explains, how to repost someone’s instagram story to your story , how to use third-party apps to repost story on Instagram as photo or video.

What are Instagram Stories

The “Stories” or Instagram stories are audiovisual contents of this platform that, unlike normal publications, are volatile, that is, they have a certain duration and, after that period, they disappear.

In this case, they may be viewed for 24 hours after their publication.

how to repost story on instagram
how to repost Instagram story 2021 / repost story on instagram

Its ease of use and its transcendence make this tool an immense source of options for all those users and brands that have an Instagram account .

Its origin is due to the own Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook (and therefore, also since a few years ago of Instagram), that when buying this company he wanted to make the competition to Snapchat . The operation of this one was very similar, hence the appearance of these stories are “Stories”.

How to Repost Instagram Story

Instagram allows you to Repost Instagram video, photos, stories etc of other people (sometimes called Regram).

1. How to Repost a Post On Instagram

Repost Instagram post to your story is quite simple. But you can use this method only for posts as images. Not suitable for repost instagram videos and audios.

If you want to repost, the account must be public and enabled instagram story sharing.

  1. Open the Instagram app and locate the Instagram post you want to share.
  2. Click on the “paper airplane icon” .
  3. Then click on “Add post to your story“.
repost story on instagram
how to repost a story on instagram that you’re tagged in

2. How to Repost Story on Instagram

If you want to repost Instagram story to your own story, you should keep below things in your mind.

The account which one has a story you want to repost,

  1. Must be public.
  2. Instagram story sharing enabled.
  3. You need to be tag that user in the story.
  • when you tag a user, pop-up will appear saying, “Mentioned users may repost this story for 24 hours.”
  • Mentioned persion will get a notification via direct message with a link to “Add This to Your Story.”
  • Click on the link.
  • Then the story will be shown in a preview. You can be adjusted, crop and add text, stickers, gifs and more effects to it.
  • Click on “Your Story”. Now the story will appear into your story.

Note : You don’t need to follow the account to repost their Instagram stories. This method only works for pictures, not for videos or audios. If you want to repost instagram audios or videos, you’ll need the help of third-party applications.

3. How to Repost Instagram Video to Story

There is no official way to repost someone’s story on Instagram not tagged. You must have third-party apps to repost Instagram stories with audio. First you need to download stories, then you can repost instagram video with sound. You can download and repost instagram video free with and without app and repost instagram video without watermark.

Steps to Repost Instagram Video With App,

For this, you will need third-party apps. First you download Instagram story, then repost it. you can get third party apps by below link.

For Android,

For iOS,

‎Instant Save
‎Instant Save
Developer: Akbari Bhaveshbhai
Price: Free+

How to Use

  • Open Instagram app.
  • Copy the username or url of the story which you want to repost.
  • Open the Instagram story saver app.
  • Now the story download starts automatically.
  • Once downloaded, you can see the story with music on your smart phone.
  • Now you are ready to repost instagram story with music.

Click Here, to know more about Instagram story download.

Steps to Repost Instagram Video Without App,
how to repost a story on instagram that you’re not tagged in / how to repost a video on instagram
  • Now you can see the downloaded story in your Pc.
  • You can post it on Instagram as your story.

4. Another Method to Repost a Story on Instagram

  • To Repost any Instagram photo (both yours and other people’s), tap the send icon below that photo. The icon has the drawing of a paper airplane and serves both to send the photo to other people in a private message and to Repost in your Instagram stories.
how to repost a story on instagram without being mentioned
how to repost mentioned story on instagram
  • In the next step you must choose where you want to send the image, whether to a chat conversation on Instagram Direct or your own story. If you choose a chat conversation, the publication is sent instantly, but if you choose Add publication to your story , the story editor opens, where you can add stickers, animated GIFs , text and so on.
how to repost someone's story on instagram not tagged
how to repost story on instagram story
  • The photo you are Reposting will be added to the publication as a sticker: you can move it, rotate it and make it larger or smaller. By touching it you can also alternate between the two available designs. Of course, you can add stickers, animated GIFs or make drawings, just like in any other publication.
how to repost story on instagram private account
how to do repost story on instagram
  • When you have finished decorating the scene, press the Send to button to add the post to your Instagram story. In fact, you can choose again if you want to publish it in your story or send it to one of your friends in the next step.
how to repost story at instagram
how to repost someone’s story on instagram app

Finally, press the Share button next to Your story . The other suggestions correspond to other chats in Instagram Direct, where you can send the image. The difference between this selection box and the one we saw at the beginning is that it sends your composition and the first one we saw sent only the original publication.

how to repost a story on instagram without being tagged
how to repost a friend’s story on instagram

Those who see your publication in Instagram Stories that contains the republication of another photo, can touch in the photo to go to the original publication , because when touching a sandwich is shown that says See publication.


why can’t i repost stories on instagram : You can’t repost stories on instagram for two reasons.

  1. Account is not public.
  2. Instagram story sharing is disable.

Surely you got the solution about how to repost story on instagram / how to repost on Instagram, how to repost a live story on instagram, how to repost a story on instagram that you are tagged in, how to you repost a story on instagram. now you can do repost on instagram.

how to repost a story on instagram. how to repost a video on instagram.


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