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Last Day on Earth Survival is a funny video game action lib re multi-player and zombie survival in which all survivors have one goal: stay alive and get as far as possible while shooting zombies . There is no place for communion, love or empathy. A wild pandemic has turned the world into a dangerous place. In this post-apocalyptic world invaded by zombies , you can prove who you are.

You are far from everyone else against different players and a multitude of zombies in this system of RPG shooter and survival tormented by zombies. Zombie killers and different enemies to do the right thing in this post-prophetically calamitous world or they will kill you.

Last Day On Earth Survival MOD APK 2019

In Last Day on Earth Survival mod apk you must improve your key skills and make deadly weapons against the undead and adversaries. Choose a sneaky goal and kill zombies or force the trigger against the creatures of wild feathers to obtain food. It enlists deserted army facilities and survival camps to locate the most significant assets and dangerous weapons, and completes everything. Avoid the zombie strip and shoot addictively all the living dead.


More power, more open doors and a more remarkable shot that you will not hit the bucket today, with all other person. Shoot the undead with different players: it is a viable war methodology in this free zombie shooter. It is less demanding to survive in this post-prophetically calamitous world and shoot the undead along with different survivors, so now you can join the families and shoot as many zombies as you can.

Use the talk. The data is the second most important asset after life in this post-world whole destroying the fun. Work together and shoot zombies, or go assault, clear new domains and move the zombie outskirt.

Last Day On Earth Survival MOD APK

Wild creatures, cravings, thirst and cold can execute you faster than a crowd of undead. The world has become a cunning place in which the contamination of the torment spreads rapidly. In this post-prophetically calamitous zombie survival RPG fun , you’ll probably produce more deadly weapons, murder zombies and try to survive.

In 2027 an episode of a dark infection cleared a large part of the total population. The natural danger created by armed force escaped from the divisors of a mystery research facility. The harmful infection was known as a destructive pollution torment. Then, the pandemic of another type of torment led to 80% of the population. The lives of the individuals left, however the pandemic transformed them into multitudes of undead living dead.


Be that as it may, the zombie armed force is not its most serious issue; Many of the individuals who survived the infection pull the trigger on their discrete back. Proceed with alone or collaborate with partners, and join groups to kill zombies together. You choose your address and you assault the zombie outskirt in this round of technique and survival before the zombies of the post-prophetically calamitous world.

Use everything you can to shoot zombies and go through no man’s land in this free zombie shooter. We invite you to the post-prophetically catastrophic world, ideally you will appreciate this technique and the fun of survival before the free zombies.

Last Day On Earth Survival MOD APK
Last Day On Earth Survival God mod apk

Remember that Last Day on Earth Survival is an online multiplayer procedure and a survival fun against zombies , however there are some fun protests that can be purchased with genuine money. In the event that you have to refrain from using this component, weaken the coordinated purchases in the settings of your versatile or tablet. You must be no less than 13 years old to play or download the zombie methodology Last Day on Earth and survival RPG shooter.


  • Let’s join: create a group of up to 3 members and go to sector 7 with your friends instead of random players.
  • The mechanics of the devourer has changed.
  • Clan storage has been added.
  • Added Twitch rewards for streamers and their viewers.
  • More active weapon skills.
  • Costume recipe for the most elegant survivors.
  • Take a pint for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • There are no planned global celebrations, but you can take a permanent hat.
  • For survivors looking for company, we have added a mannequin.
  • Fresh news spreads through the apocalyptic wasteland: great changes in sector 7.
  • 4 new areas infected for new adventures.
  • An unknown warrior will be waiting for all the audacious survivors willing to cross the wall to offer a series of missions.
  • We have reduced the number of small chests, increased the number of large spaces and placed all the objects in their place.
  • The looters have reconsidered and redefined their requests.

Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK

NameLast Day On Earth Survival
Size157.87 MB
Suitable forOver 13 years old
Update dateApril 2, 2019
Requires Android4.1 and higher

Last Day On Earth Survival MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited gold coins.
  • Unlimited crafts and construction materials.
  • Unlimited skill points.
  • Duplicate by division.
  • Maximum Durability.
  • Unlimited energy.
  • Free XP Booster.
  • Infinite fuel.
  • Magic Split of work.

Latest Version 1.14

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Version 1.12

Mirror #1 | Mirror #2 | Mirror #3

Version 1.11.11

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Last day on earth survival mod apk 1.11.12 B491: Here

Original Last Day on Earth Survival APK

Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival
Developer: Kefir!
Price: Free+


  • The celebration of the second anniversary of the last day on earth is under way.
  • Celebrations will be held in a new location.
  • Players can obtain special items in the game dedicated to the anniversary.
  • The Huskies have already been added to the game: they can be found in winter locations and in the location of the humanitarian aid box.
  • The Huskies only reproduce each other.
  • New mercenary camp event: available for survivors of level 10 or higher.
  • You can hire one of the available mercenaries for a while and take them with you to clean up the zombie locations.

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